Posted on: November 19th, 2013

Well, according to the Met Office a cold snap is on its way and there will be the usual advice doled out about not going anywhere, unless it’s absolutely necessary, etc., etc. If all the State Nannies had their way, we would never do anything unless life were absolutely normal and risk free.
However, what sort of life is that?
I remember telling my doctor off on this subject and I said to him ‘I want to live, not exist!’ The first person who asks me whether that was before I had my stroke will smart for that kind of remark.
Insurance, however, does present some potential pitfalls for your clients, particularly those with holiday or secondary homes and now would be as good a time as any to remind those policyholders that their policy may contain a heating warranty or conditions for properties left unoccupied. Alternatively your clients may have the option of draining the whole system down and turning water off at the mains.
If not complied with, a subsequent burst pipe claim may be denied and these claims may run into several thousand pounds of uninsured loss. My knowledge of some clients leads me to suppose that they will look for someone to blame. If you, the broker, have pointed it out, blaming you is likely to be a blind alley.
By the way, there’s nothing new about a blame society – an Edwardian Poet wrote;
‘Go gently, child
Tread your primrose way
The other chap
Has always got to pay.’