A blog about a blog: Greetings from god

Posted on: December 13th, 2011

Yes, god is writing a blog. That is, Alan Measles, the god of the imaginary world of British artist Grayson Perry. According to Perry’s invented mythology, Alan Measles (his 50-year-old teddy bear) is a god and dictator wishing to share his ideologies via his blog!

If you saw BBC’s documentary on Grayson Perry, followed his Turner Prize win in 2003 or have visited his current exhibition at the British Museum, you will have noticed and adored Alan Measles! Alan regularly stars in Perry’s artwork, but this time, Alan is in control as he writes his own blog. Alan’s witty writing features his experiences in Perry’s imaginary world, Perry’s art-making and general thoughts on art and society, which are well worth a read. His titles such as ‘If Proust had lived in Essex it would have been all about Marmite on toast’ and ‘Harry Hill, a kind of contemporary Saint Paul’ are very entertaining. The blog is both an extension of Perry’s art-making, a glimpse into Perry’s thoughts as well as a bit of fun. Check out Alan’s blog at alanmeasles.posterous.com.