A Titanic Sale

Posted on: January 6th, 2012

The largest collection of artefacts rescued from the ocean liner Titanic, which tragically sank in April 1912 will be sold in April this year. The collection contains more than 5,500 items including fine china, ship fittings and portions of hull.

According to Premier Exhibitions (the current owners) the collection is valued at $189 million. Due to public interest and the research value of the items, the auction is subject to approval by a federal judge in Virginia whose jurisdiction oversees legal issues in the salvage of Titanic artefacts. At present, the Judge’s conditions require 1) the artefacts to be sold together as a single lot 2) that they are available to present and future generations for public display, research, and educational purposes 3) that appropriate compensation is made to RMS Titanic Inc., who recovered the relics during seven expeditions to the wreck site.

The sale results will be announced on the 15th April on the anniversary of the ocean liner’s sinking.