A Winter Wonderland Exhibition

Posted on: December 19th, 2011

This winter the Kunsthaus Zurich has a delightful upcoming exhibition entitled Winter Tales. The exhibition’s winter theme includes 120 works of art from the Renaissance to Impressionism. Each artwork tells a different story about winter, from punishing winters that jeopardized food supplies and health, to romantic winter landscapes, to fun winter activities and the luxuries used to stay warm.

The exhibition will feature famous paintings from international institutions, including works by Pieter Brueghel the Younger, Francisco de Goya, Kazimir Malevich and Claude Monet. There are also several works by lesser known artists which feature interesting motifs, such as Hippolyte-Victor-Valentin Sebron’s Chutes du niagara en hiver, an eerie painting of the Niagara Falls frozen. To complement the paintings, various objects are also on display, such as the opulently gilded sleighs of Austria’s ruling family, rich Flemish tapestries, goblets and porcelain figures.

The winter themed exhibition is an exciting idea, with the range of paintings and objects is certain to intrigue and delight. The exhibition begins at the Kunsthaus Zurich on 10th February 2012 and runs until 29th April 2012. For further information visit their website and visit their impressive online gallery for the exhibition.