Broker Q&A

Posted on: October 28th, 2020

Insurance Business

What products do you provide?

Connoisseur Underwriting underwrites the following classes of business:

Antique Dealers, Fine Art Dealers, Silver Dealers, Auctioneers, High Net Worth Collectors, Specie, Transit Insurance, Art Exhibitions and Corporate Art.


Would you say you are competitive?

More often than not, particularly on commercial business.


Would you consider professional sports people and celebrities?

Yes, provided they fitted the other criteria.


Do you require a safe being installed when covering Jewellery and Watches?

Yes and it must have an adequate cash rating.


What is your commission structure?

We pay 15% commission on most business, provided the premium is greater than £1,000.


Why do you need completed proposal forms instead of doing mid net worth clients online?

Clients have a legal duty to make a fair presentation and only a proposal form elicits what we need to know. Mid net worth clients are not really our target market – we are looking for clients with a substantial collection of Art and Antiques &/or Jewellery and Watches.


What do you give guidance on?

We have a wealth of underwriting knowledge and expertise of risks. We can help you get your clients’ insured on risks that are otherwise difficult to acquire by other insurers. We can guide you on the best policies to suit your clients’ needs which concentrate on the main classes of business we underwrite and guide you on several technical issues, which may otherwise affect your clients’ exposure. We are unable to give formal advice.


Can you give advice on Grade Listed Buildings?

No, but we can put you or your clients in touch with people who can.


Would you consider a Single Article Limit of £10k regarding specified items?

Single limits, per se, are not an issue with us. However, we do require declaration of items valued at £5k or more. They can then be insured on a market value basis, or, if your client has an up to date valuation, agreed value.


For more information please contact:

John Wakefield: or Andy Cole: