Charitable Giving

Posted on: March 23rd, 2020

Civing - a charitable space for sharingIn response to the desperate need to support Charities and their beneficiaries during the coming months, we are grateful to our insurers for providing us with some sums to donate to four of them.

These include the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, which we as a Company have supported since their formation in 1986.

This contribution will help in a small way to make up for other forms of fund raising that are currently not possible.

We have set up a Facebook Group called ‘Civing‘ which is hosted on the Anthony Wakefield & Company Facebook page. This a space where people can share their charitable stories, events and actions during this worrying time. ‘Civing’ is a take on the word ‘giving’ and ‘COVID-19’.

In future posts we will highlight how other insurers and organisations are responding to the crisis.

#staysafe #stayathome #charity

If you would like to donate to The Rainbow Trust, you can do it here.