Culture is Closed

Posted on: January 12th, 2012

Recently we posted about UK art institutions accepting sponsorship from corporate companies as other funding is reduced. However, it would seem we should be more grateful for the sponsorship in light of the financial crisis closing Bosnia’s art institutions.

Bosnia’s oldest and most prestigious cultural institutions have begun to close as long-standing disputes involving politicians from its three ethnic groups and dwindling state funding leave the institutions with no income. Last year, seven institutions including the 125-year-old National Museum received almost no funding from authorities. Inevitably with no finance to pay workers or even cover their utility bills and large debts, the institutions are closing. Currently, the National Library is due to close, the Historical Museum has closed, and the National Gallery shut last summer and the National Museum is preparing to close.

These cultural centres own internationally renowned collections, such as the National Museum holds the 600-year-old Jewish manuscript known as the Sarajevo Haggadah. It would be a great shame if these institutions continue to close, what will it mean to the city, country and world if Bosnia’s culture is closed for good?