Happy New Year

Posted on: January 7th, 2014

Connoisseur Underwriting wishes all its producers a very happy New Year and although it has got off to a very damp start, at least we are spared (at the time of writing), the horrifying conditions in North America.
Many of us are having to devote much of our time to the welfare of our suffering clients, which is how it should be.
All Insurers do is to offer a promise and it’s how Insurers perform on that promise that makes the difference.
For years, the concept that all Insurers are the same and it’s only price that counts has been instilled in the public’s mind. Quality and the willingness to pay claims has been ignored.
How many times have you been told by a client to whom you have offered a fair quote – “Oh, I’ve had a much cheaper price than that”.
Now, those same people may well be realising why a decision based on price was a false economy.
Bearing in mind that it may well be their business that’s about to go down the drain, just to save a few quid, this quality of Insurer issue has to be one that brokers emphasise in future.