Mondrian and Nicholson at the Courtauld

Posted on: March 5th, 2012

The Courtauld Gallery’s exhibition Mondrian and Nicholson: In Parallel explores the largely untold relationship between Piet Mondrian and Ben Nicholson during the 1930’s. Their friendship culminated with Mondrian moving to London in 1938, at Nicholson’s invitation, where the two worked in neighbouring Hampstead studios at the centre of an international community of avant-garde artists.

The exhibition brings together an extraordinary group of major paintings and reliefs to explore the parallel paths in works by Mondrian and Nicholson during this exciting decade. It reveals how each was driven by a profound belief in the potential of abstract art to create new forms of beauty and visual power. In addition, there is a selection of archival material, including photographs and a group of Mondrian’s and Nicholson’s letters, which offer insights into their friendship.

This is a unique opportunity to experience some of the greatest works ever produced by these two exceptional artists. The exhibition is at the Courtauld until the 20th May.