New Year: New David Hockney?

Posted on: January 1st, 2012

The Royal Academy London will open the new year with an exhibition on David Hockney’s British landscapes. Olivia Weinberg from the Royal Academy suggests the exhibition may change how we think of Hockney as a painter. A Bigger Picture is the first exhibition in Britain devoted to Hockney’s landscapes. The idea came from the 2007 Summer Exhibition when Hockney submitted Bigger Trees near Water, a canvas more than 12 metres (40ft) wide. The Royal Academy subsequently approached Hockney about creating an exhibition to fill the main galleries at Burlington House with similar works.

Rather than a retrospective exhibition, the show highlights Hockney’s new works, new locations and new use of technology. Most of the works are recent, although there are a few earlier works included to provide context. Some of Hockney’s earlier works include landscapes from his time in California which form an interesting contrast with the vivid, multi-canvas paintings inspired by the East Yorkshire which capture the beauty of the changing seasons.

As well as new works, Hockney has embraced new technologies and used several new media in his art production. Armed with his iphone and ipad with the app Brushes, Hockney has produced over 94 ipad drawings, 51 of which will feature in the  exhibition. Another new use of technology includes his video project where multiple cameras were attached to a 4×4 vehicle, with a monitor in the back, so that Hockney could ‘draw’ an image by adjusting the angle and aperture of each camera.

The exhibition begins the 21st January and runs until the 9th April 2012. For further information visit the Royal Academy website.