Not to be missed

Posted on: February 20th, 2012

The Dulwich Gallery is hosting Van Dyck in Sicily: Painting and the Plague, 1624 – 25. The exhibition promises to be extraordinary, displaying the full 16 works van Dyck painted in the year and a half he spent in Sicily. Of these works, it will be the first time all five remaining Saint Rosalia paintings by van Dyck are reunited. The Saint Rosalia paintings are significant because through these works, van Dyck created the iconography of the saint that is still used today.

This will be the first exhibition to focus on Van Dyck’s work during this period. The exhibition features Dulwich’s own Portrait of Emanuele Filiberto as a starting point and expands into an examination of Van Dyck’s activity in that year. It will also be the first time in the UK that Van Dyck’s portrait of the Viceroy of Sicily from Dulwich’s own collection will be seen next to the spectacular suit of armour worn by the viceroy in the portrait – still surviving in the Royal Armouries of Madrid.

The exhibition is the second in the Melosi Series: Rediscovering old Masters and brings together van Dyck paintings from America, Spain, London and Puerto Rico, allowing them to be seen in the same room for the very first time. The exhibition is on until the 27th May 2012, booking is recommended.