Out-Smarting the Art World

Posted on: December 9th, 2011

This Autumn the art world has been following the happenings of the Beltracchi art forgers as the depth of their deceit is revealed.

In Cologne, a group of forgers: Wolfgang, his wife Helene, her sister Jeanette and associate Otto Schulte, were charged with the forgery of several oil paintings. The group had been producing forgeries in the styles of Max Ernst, Heinrich Campendonk and Fernand Leger. To mask their dealings, the works were sold over a number of years and interspersed with the sale of genuine artworks. In late October of this year, the four finally confessed to selling 14 forgeries which had earned them an estimated €16m.

However, more recently the Art Newspaper have published a list of … (wait for it!) 53 forgeries attributed to the gang! So, the question is: is this all of them? Check out the full list here or flick through some of the forgeries in this online picture gallery.