Reading van Gogh’s Letters

Posted on: December 14th, 2011

Thanks to the van Gogh Museum & Huygens Institute-KNAW, Vincent van Gogh’s letters have been made accessible online! Not only are the letters useful as research resources, they also make for an interesting read. Reading van Gogh’s letters provide an opportunity to get to know the artist on a more personal level.

The website is designed wonderfully so that you can search and read van Gogh’s letters in various orders. You can read the letters thematically, according to recipients or like us, read them chronologically. It has been a great treat to read and learn about van Gogh’s thoughts and activities.

Each letter is displayed in Dutch and English, as well as a digital copy of the handwritten letter. If that was not impressive enough, they have cleverly composed footnotes to provide interesting contextual information and display images of his paintings. Visit