Roswitha Haftmann Prize

Posted on: December 21st, 2011

The 2012 Roswitha Haftmann Prize has been awarded by the foundation’s board to the American artist Cindy Sherman. The prize is the most valuable award in Europe available to contemporary artists. The board awarded the prize to Sherman in recognition of her film and photographic self-exploration.

Sherman works with staged-photography and uses herself as her model, yet her work resists being autobiographical. Rather, through various roles, Sherman parodies archetypal representations of women and explores the meaning of female identity within a patriarchal society. Her best known works include a series the Untitled Film Stills emulating the American film noir and her History Portraits which imitated well known paintings. Sherman’s talent is her ability make her works both intensely unsettling and at the same time fascinating.

Sherman’s works appear in the collections of the world’s most prestigious art museums, she is the 12th artist to receive this prize and the fourth woman to do so. The award, worth CHF 150,000, will be presented to her on 10th May 2012 at the Kunsthaus Zürich.